"If life was easy, everyone would be doing it!"


Vail's true calling is to change the world for the better as fast as he possibly can.

Born without legs and improper bone growth in his arms, Vail is the founder of two thriving organizations- Keen Healthcare and INCIGHT. Vail has since retired from Keen and is actively part of INCIGHT’s mission as the Director of Results.

INCIGHT is a Portland-based nonprofit with the mission of, “Unlocking the Potential of People”. They accomplish this by serving individuals who are living with barriers or facing obstacles through education, employment and independence services.

Vail serves on the Secretary of State Advisory Committee for Worldwide Disability Policy. He was also chosen as one of the 2007 Ten Outstanding Young Americans by The United States Junior Chamber (Jaycees) and was chosen as one of the 2013 World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders.


Vail is a Motivational Speaker and Personal Coach & Business Consultant. Vail graduated from the University of Portland and currently resides in Beaverton, OR with his beautiful wife and four children.